Q&A: Neil Jones answers questions from Liverpool fans

Q&A: Neil Jones answers questions from Liverpool fans

We teamed up with one of the most reliable Liverpool journalists - NEIL JONES to give Sportening fans an EXCLUSIVE chance to ask questions and get all the inside information on Liverpool FC transfers.

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@ralphnotsosure: What's the situation with Fabio Carvalho?

Neil Jones: "Not so sure on the situation right now. At the moment, Liverpool have submitted an offer for him of 5m which include a loan back until the summer. "Liverpool's reason is that that they think that Carvalho will have a lot of offers in the summer when he's out of the contract and they feel that he could go aboard, and that would mean that Fulham don't get the fee, not a lot of money, so Liverpool want to tempt Fulham to feel they can get the money now. "As it stands, the deal has not been agreed and there is skepticism from the people in Liverpool that I spoke to. He's in demand, and there is a feeling that he should wait to assess his options. As it stands, the point is Liverpool have a bid, but still waiting for Fulham and Carvalho to accept it. It's one to watch."

@Thinley: Is it true that Liverpool will consider offers for duo Taki and Divock?

Neil Jones: "As it stands, there are no offers. But it's Deadline Day, it can change. There were interests for Minamino from Leeds, Monaco, Newcastle was enquiring. The player doesn't want to leave! Minamino is keen to stay. He feels a chance to win a silverware and to fight for his place, but obviously, it's not an ideal situation. He didn't start against Arsenal, it was Gordon, he didn't start against Brentford, and Crystal Palace too, but he has a good relationship with Klopp. And Klopp trusts him and knows that he will be professional. "Whether a bid arrives in the last hours to tempt Liverpool, then we will see, last January he has gone to Southampton, and there were a lot of surprised faces given injury problems. But he's going to look for his future in the summer. "Origi is injured at the moment, and he should be back early in February. Atalanta were linked, but only if they lose Zapata, with Newcastle you never know, but it depends on the offers. If the right offer comes, Liverpool will accept it. 👀 Origi is out of the contract in the summer, and I don't expect that he will hit a trigger point for a one-year extension, because it's dependent on a number of games, but I think Liverpool would rather have him stay, than accept a low offer. As it stands, no movement on Origi and Minamino."

@Mightyred1892: Is Diaz a replacement for Salah or Mane or he is just an addition to the team?

Neil Jones: "For now, he is an addition. I think this is a big boost for Liverpool. Longer-term, I don't think we need to worry about Mo Salah's position, in terms of Luis Diaz, he doesn't play on the right, but regarding Sadio... That's a little bit more uncertain, there's been less talk about Mane's contract situation, even though he's in the same position as Salah's in terms of the time left. Diaz plays down on the left, he's right-footed, and he does a lot of Sadio Mane's things. Not in the same league as Mane in terms of physical attributes, but you can see him play in Mane's position for Liverpool. "But yeah, it casts more doubts on Mane's future. I, think Liverpool would be, in my opinion crazy, to let Mane go at this stage, even if his form is a little bit down, I still think he's a world-class performer, and I think he's still got years left on a very high level, and if there is a way to keep all the attackers in the club, I think Liverpool would be stronger, but whether they will, it remains to be seen."

@mrdeep21: Seen some Paulo Dybala news as of late, if we get Luis Diaz, is this something the board are gonna pursue still?

Neil Jones: "There's no news. It's coming from Italian sources. It's one of those players who's always linked with Premier League clubs (United, Tottenham...) "That doesn't makes sense to me. The type of the player he is, the amount of ages, the history of the player, it's not Liverpool type of Liverpool's signings. "I wouldn't have Paulo Dybala on my watchlist as a Liverpool signing."

@zagor11: Hey Neil, do you think Jurgen will extend his stay with us? if not, does FSG have a shortlist on who should replace him?

Neil Jones: "Yes, Liverpool have a shortlist, that's a standard for every club. I think it's not a big secret that Steven Gerrard will be on that list. "Will Klopp stay? I sometimes think why wouldn't stay, but he was really clear about it that 2024, and that he will be a year out. A lot of people expect him to manage Germany, or maybe a club back in Germany. When his contract expires in 2024, it will be 8 and a half years at the club, a long time. He has shown in Dortmund, after certain times past, no matter how good he is, it's time to move on. 👀 "As we are in January 2022, I think 2024 will be the end of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. It's not something that I like to think about, and fans don't like that, but I think Liverpool will have a plan for his successor, and I think it will involve Steven Gerrard."

@Undermybarella: Hi Neil, what is the board's plans for the summer? In terms of how many signings and what positions?

Neil Jones: "It's impossible to answer, as things can change quickly, as we have seen with Diaz. The plan for the summer was to bring wide, attacking player, so now Liverpool have one of the key signings that was prepared for summer. "I think midfield will be looked up. If you think of James Milner coming to the end of the contract, if you think about Keita and Ox's future (18 months left), if you see Henderson and Thiago's age and injury problems, I think there's room for the midfielder, and I wouldn't be surprised if that is a top target. "The other area is a right-back, especially if Neco Williams leaves. Maybe center-back if you lose someone like Joe Gomez potentially, I don't think Liverpool would like to lose him, but that might be an option for the player to leave. So maybe, there can be a defensive signing, but I would suggest that the main target for the summer will be a midfielder."

@nstoilov16: Hey Neil, I would like to ask you if Klopp is thinking about a clear No 9, I mean striker like Lukaku, Haaland and if yes is that mean he will change the club formation and club politics?

Neil Jones: "An interesting question. If you look at the signings in Jurgen Klopp's era, there is only one player who fits into the number 9 story, and it's Dominic Solanke. Didn't make a great impact, and all the other signings Jota, Minamino, Mane, Salah, and now Diaz, and they are all players who can play different positions. They are not fixed players, and it's the same with Firmino. "Liverpool never played with a target man, who's scoring headers, flick-ons, that traditional striker, and one of the first players that Klopp sold when he came was Christian Benteke. Danny Ings also was sold. Divock Origi is maybe similar, but he was used a lot on the left side. "And I don't expect that to change. Diaz showed that it won't change. It will be more the multifunctional forward, who can rotate, play different positions, drag defenders out, create space, and that was successful so far with all the attackers. "I don't see Lukaku's style of a striker coming to Liverpool. Haaland could be out of reach for Liverpool, in terms of the number of clubs trying to sign him, but we will see for him, and I would expect Liverpool to continue with versatile forwards, instead of traditional number 9."

@ms_sport: Why FSG don't invest like other top English clubs?

Neil Jones: "I wonder this question was submitted before Luis Diaz transfer. "Well, who are the other clubs? I think they are investing more than Arsenal and Tottenham. FSG are not spending in terms of what Man United are paying to Ronaldo's wage, or Sancho, Lukaku, Pogba. It's the same with Man City and Chelsea. The owners are very different, in terms of the money thay have, the way they operate, ability they have to make mistakes... "Do remember that Liverpool have built things piece by piece, and they were able to win the European Cup, to win the Premier League, and they are still in good position in the League Cup, Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup this season. So, they are not doing so badly. "They also expanded the stadium, built the new training ground, the reason that they don't invest as much as the other clubs (Man City, Chelsea) is that nobody invest as them, besides PSG, and what they have in common is that they are owned by a state, or a vastly wealth individual. Liverpool aren't, and until they are, we shouldn't expect them to spend on the level as Man City and Chelsea."

@djapojunior: Are there any plans for a big squad overhaul in the summer or just a few usual additions, players with potential, but still not at top form?

Neil Jones: "Overhaul? I don't see it. Alisson, Trent, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Elliott, Van Dijk, Kelleher all signed new contracts, and that will be our team for the next 4-5 years for sure, with only maybe Henderson a doubt because of the years. That's why I think Liverpool don't need a big overhaul. "In midfield, there is a place for signing a midfielder. Milner will go, I am pretty sure in the summer, and there will be room to bring one or two midfielders in the summer. "The attackers? I think Salah WILL STAY! 👀 "I think Liverpool would be wise to keep Mane, but with Diaz signing... and Bobby Firmino, it wouldn't surprise me if Liverpool don't extend his contract. He's one of the biggest players in the last 10 years, but I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool use Firmino a little bit less in the next 12 months, and then leave on a free."

@manlikepatris: What are the chances of us signing Jude Bellingham?

Neil Jones: "Big question. Great player. Most clubs in Europe are looking to sign him. Liverpool would love to be in the conversation.
It would cost an awful lot to get Jude Bellingham out of Dortmund, whether it's this summer, next summer, whenever.I think what does counts for Liverpool is that Jude Bellingham has already shown by going to Dortmund that he's willing to pick a team football project. He's very much about his career.I think Liverpool DO HAVE A CHANCE. I wouldn't say I would expect Liverpool to sign him, but I would say Liverpool are in the mix, but also a lot of the clubs will be."