Kovacic signed jersey arrives just in time for Marko's birthday

Kovacic signed jersey arrives just in time for Marko's birthday

In January, we organized a giveaway with Mateo Kovacic. The giveaway winner was Marko (@itsmarkopolo), and after a long wait, his signed jersey finally arrived. We wondered why it took so long for the jersey to travel to Germany, and then we found out that his parents intercepted the mail to give it to him for his 18th birthday.

Here is what Marko told us about the giveaway and Sportening:

“I’ve been a Chelsea fan since summer 2019, since Mateo, my favorite player along with Luka Modric, joined Chelsea. I didn’t miss a single game played by Mateo and Chelsea since that day.

Kova has been my favorite player since his debut for the Croatian national team! I loved his playing style from the very beginning.

My parents didn’t tell me that the jersey had arrived since they wanted to give it to me on my 18ty birthday. I was so excited about the jersey that I even prepared my other jerseys to take the photo and checked the mail multiple times every day. It is a very emotional gift for me since I am a huge football and especially a Kovacic fan! It truly is a dream come true.

I downloaded the app because of the giveaway and am using it frequently now. It is nice to chat in all these group chats and have conversations with people that think the same way as me and others with entirely different opinions. I love Sportening for all the background information; you get all the news faster than on any other app, which is extremely helpful and exciting! The variety of leagues is also great!

I can say that downloading the Sportening app was a win-win situation for me since it is such a great and helpful app, and it gave me the best gift for my 18ty birthday, which I will surely NEVER forget.

Marko, happy birthday from the whole Sportening team! 🎉