Here are 6 strategies for getting referrals and increasing your chances of winning Modric’s hand-signed, authentic jersey.

Before we start, you can find your unique referral link in the email we sent you, that brought you here. So any time we mention "your link" or "your code," that is what we're talking about.

1. Spam the group chats (then follow up)

Using your group chats to sign people up for the Sportening app can be a referral magnet. Here's how:

First, send an initial text to your group, but don’t include your referral link yet. Instead, share your starting lineup before an interesting match, or your player ratings after it’s finished. You can share interesting news or funny memes from the Sportening app. Then let it hang. Let Sportening sell itself.

Once people have taken the bait and interacted with the message (or even if they haven’t), hit them with a follow-up text saying “Btw, if you want to sign up on the Sportening app, here’s the link.”

But here’s the kicker—text them individually.

The individual follow-up text converts 10x more effectively than just sending you a link to the entire group.

Now just repeat that process in your group chats with your family, college friends, high school friends, work friends, and maybe even toss it in your old football chat just for fun.

2. Snatch the phone

Nothing generates referrals quite like some IRL persuading. This method works especially well with the less technologically savvy but it can be used on everyone.

Step 1: Text the target your referral link

Step 2: Ask to see their phone

Step 3: Cut out the middleman and sign them up yourself

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3

3. Post on social media

This method is all about choosing the right platform to post on.
Here are the social platforms ranked by how effective they are in helping you build your referral count.


LinkedIn and Facebook are by far the best because they are designed with links in mind so people are more comfortable clicking on something like your referral link compared to Twitter or Instagram.

Pro tip: While each platform has its own nuances, the one piece of universal advice we can give is to personalize your posts. Talk about your relationship with the Sportening app, and how it improves your life as a football fan. That’s much more convincing than a generic post.

4. Company Slack channel

There’s a massive referral opportunity for those bold enough to post your referral link in a company-wide channel.
If you have the guts, you’ll reap the benefits.

5. Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and Other Online Groups

Similar to the idea above - you can increase your chances by e.g. simply sharing your referral link in your FB or WhatsApp group.

Of course, don’t spam. Find creative and relevant ways to share.

6. Forward (DM) friends and colleagues interesting news from the Sportening app

Share your favorite news from Sportening with friends directly via DM and drop your referral link in too.
Use any messenger app: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Signal, WeChat…

Fast and simple.