Sportening Community Guidelines

Thank you for joining the Sportening community, so glad to have you here! Our goal is to make Sportening the number one place for all sports fans where we can all have the best experience supporting our teams, safely and comfortably. In order to achieve this, we have some guidelines that promote positive experience for our community.

  1. Be respectful
    - We get it, rivalry is a big part of football and sports in general, but you must respect all users, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexuality, club they support, your liking towards them or any other variable.
    - Threats of any kind and/or suicide references are strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban.
    - If you’re being attacked by another user please ignore them and report them to the group admins and Sportening in the chat. Guidelines still apply even if you’re being targeted, so mind your behaviour and language.
  2. Mind your language
    - The use of profanity and curse words should be kept to a minimum. Any language deemed derogatory towards any user is prohibited.
  3. No spamming
    - Sending a large amount of identical or similar messages in a short amount of time, either in a single group or across multiple groups is labelled as spam.
    - Self-promotion images and links are not allowed unless approved by Sportening. This includes unsolicited PM advertising. Please message us at for further details.
  4. No NSFW or adult content
    - Including but not limited to nudity, pornography, violence, gore, disturbing content etc.
  5. No offensive names or profile pictures
    - You’ll be asked to change your name or profile picture if we deem it inappropriate. If you don't do it in the given amount of time your account will be banned.
    - Impersonating celebrities or any other people is not allowed and will result in an instant ban.
  6. Raiding other clubs’ communities is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  7. Don’t reveal any personal information about you or other people.

If you create new accounts after getting banned from the app, Sportening reserves the right to permanently ban your newly created account(s) without a guideline being broken or prior notice or warning.

Admins and Sportening staff will kick and ban users at their own discretion. If you feel mistreated please message us at

If you have any questions or concerns message Sportening in the chat.